Your Internet account is disabled

Spam e-mails or viruses are being sent from your Internet account. Infected computers or an incorrectly configured mail server are causing damage to the computers of other customers. We have therefore disabled your Internet account.

Carry out the following two steps to activate your Internet account.
  1. Scan all of your computers for malware and configure your mail server correctly

    Run the SISA Cleaner or a security program of your choice to remove the malware (e.g. viruses).

    Please consult the user guide or a computer specialist for the correct configuration of the mail server.

  2. Click on "Next".

    After you have cleaned and correctly configured your devices, you can activate your Internet account on the next page.

I hereby confirm that I have fully implemented the measures specified by Swisscom in Point 1.
Are you unfamiliar with the use of security programs? If so, we recommend that you consult a Swisscom specialist. The The Swisscom Amico Team will be happy to provide you with further assistance.